For more than a decade, 2nd Street Pizzeria brings traditional Italian recipes that have passed along from Italy to the East Coast and now to Belmont Shore. Our dishes are made with nothing spared to attain the highest quality freshness. Whether its pasta, spaghetti, or our popular pizza, everything is prepared with a touch of traditional flavor.

All of our dishes and servings are created fresh and prepared daily. Ranging from our homemade sauces to the use of high-quality cheese among many of our other ingredients. Our house meatballs and sausages are freshly cooked as well as other quality items on the menu. Our pizza dough is knead every day at our location in the traditional Neopolitan style influenced by NYC and Italian cuisine. We also accommodate your preference whether it be artisan, Napoli or the Sicilian square. Our crust has been acclaimed by many as the best thin crust east coast “pie” in the region.

For our vegetarian fans, we feature our famous homemade eggplant Parmesan, and our pesto or veggie pizza options. Yes, we do have a gluten free crust to go with your favorite pizza! Please don’t forget the salads and if our portions are too big, we encourage you to share with each other. We call it “family style”! Hope you’ll have room for our desserts!

Our ingredients are always fresh and hand blended. Whether its carbonara, marsala, arrabbiata, or pesto, we always make our pasta sauces by hand the way grandma Moscioni always has.